Pierre Rescan - Musical scores

Guitare Music

Guitar Music, 91 pages, published by Editions Clarisse.

Pierre Rescan produces music infused with many pleasing moods. No super-charged harmonies here, instead a melodic mix of themes and motifs which merge with the fluidity of the spoken word.

This well-produced work is hand-written. Pierre Rescan is undoubtedly a true craftsman - one who loves his work, and who looks for simple and genuine solutions to create maximum effect. There's no lack of fantasy too, as in a Bach gavotte arranged in rondo form with a dashing of Irish sauce!

This is a collection of 18 pieces, either composed or arranged by the author, that clearly shows the influence on his work of Celtic music, and also of American folk and the music of South America.

From a review in Cahiers de la Guitare, n°79-80.