Pierre Rescan - Biography

Pierre Rescan is a guitarist, composer, Member of the Menuhin Foundation and a Doctor of Music (Rouen University). He has given over 500 concerts. During his career, he has been :

Pierre Rescan - A member of Trio Blick, a classical guitar ensemble specialising in South American music [1982/1986].

- A member of NEC (Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain), 1987 to 1997, at the Semaines Musicales in Orléans, and the Festival Européen des Musiques Contemporaines Sonopolis (RAI, BBC, WDF, Matera, Italie), performing Berio, Dallapicola, Cage, Ferneyhough, Schwitters, Xenakis, Brouwer, Pousseur, Stockhausen...
This ensemble was awarded l’Ut d’Or at the Rencontres musicales in Normandy and le Prix Artijust in Budapest.

- He was nominated for Musical Victories [1995] : where he performed Obscena Mystica by P.A. Castanet,

He was also a member of :

- The duo Agua Branca : performing art music alongside soprano Maria João Serraõ [1994].

- Bençao : Quintet of Brasilian Music; singing, bass, saxophone, drums, guitar [1998/2001].

- Tanguissimo : an Acoustic quartet; Bandoneon, upright bass, alto, guitar [2002/2004].

- The Fondation Menuhin [2006]. He wrote the first of his solo work for guitars Jalisco at the UN Office in Geneva, and the Acropolis in Prague.

He founded :

- Nadsaptak, quartet [2009] : with Sukhdev Mishra (violin, Benares, Narayan dynasty), Anshuman Maharaj (sarod, Benares), Marc Ingrand (tabla, Toulouse) and Pierre Rescan (guitar, Perpignan).

- Aakriti, trio [2011] : with Sandip Chaterjee (santour, Calcutta), Debajyoti Sanyal (tabla, Calcutta), and Pierre Rescan (guitar).